Do you want to improve your voice or learn how to sing with confidence?


Paula   Mitchell   
tel: 07702 155827 

Paula  teaches from her home/studio in Tiverton.

Her lessons include vocal technique, how to breathe properly for singing, vocal warm ups, emoting, mic technique, vibrato and most importantly, how to gain confidence with your own voice.

She will record you singing so you can hear yourself how others hear you (great for confidence building!)



Price List


Adults: ONE HOUR - £35 
Children under 12: HALF HOUR - £20


Most of Paula's students take an hours singing lesson each week, with a few taking their lesson once a fortnight.
Some students even have two lessons a week if they are working towards  a big event such as a concert or an  audition.
For younger children below 12, half hour lessons each week work best.

There is no charge for cancelled lessons PROVIDING 24 HOURS NOTICE IS GIVEN.

You do not need to make any long term commitment beyond each individual lesson but for maximum benefit it is highly recommended that you receive vocal tuition on a weekly or fortnightly basis.